“Shared Hells: A Lenten Meditation” (essay by Peter Kreeft)

During the days and weeks leading up to Easter (Lent), I often like to pick up this little book titled “Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter.” One of the readings in the book which I have found meaningful and enjoyable is called “Shard Hells” by Peter Kreeft. Last year, I happily ran across … More “Shared Hells: A Lenten Meditation” (essay by Peter Kreeft)

Centering Color, Race & Culture in our Writing

Over a week ago, I had the privilege of leading a breakout session with another writer in the writing guild I am a member of (Redbud Writing Guild), titled “Centering Color, Race & Culture in our Writing”. We shared a couple of examples of centering done well, steps and practical tips to write more inclusively, … More Centering Color, Race & Culture in our Writing

Holy Week (Poems)

This Bread I Break By Dylan Thomas This bread I break was once the oat, This wine upon a foreign tree ‘Plunged in its fruit; Man in the day or wind at night Laid the crops low, broke the grape’s joy. Once in this wine the summer blood Knocked in the flesh that decked the … More Holy Week (Poems)


  I stare at the honey-colored wood floors beneath my feet. My eyes travel up to the walls, the painted walls of a pleasing forest green. I didn’t paint these walls. I walk outdoors, bundled up in layers of clothing, making sure to wear gloves and a hat. The gray sky hangs low, clouds swirl. … More Place

Poems for Lent

I wake and feel the fell of dark, not day by Gerard Manley Hopkins I wake and feel the fell of dark, not day. What hours, O what black hours we have spent This night! what sights you, heart, saw; ways you went! And more must, in yet longer light’s delay. With witness I speak … More Poems for Lent

Heard Melodies

“Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard, are sweeter.” ~ John Keats     This amaryllis bulb was a Christmas gift; it actually bloomed a few weeks ago. It’s amazing to me how it can grow, how one bulb supplies the nutrients needed to produce the large blossoms. The blooms remind me of a trumpet. … More Heard Melodies

Two Winter Poems (by William Carlos Williams)

Winter Trees by William Carlos Williams All the complicated details of the attiring and the disattiring are completed! A liquid moon moves gently among the long branches. Thus having prepared their buds against a sure winter the wise trees stand sleeping in the cold. Blizzard by William Carlos Williams Snow: years of anger following hours … More Two Winter Poems (by William Carlos Williams)

December Solstice (poem)

Solstice darkness is greater, longer than sun’s extended rays which reach my fingertips eight minutes later than when they first sizzled out of their thermogenic home This electromagnetic radiation warms cool blue earth invisibly touches my skin In the chill of Cimmerian nights I wait for tender light to pierce the crepuscular twilight Underneath December’s star … More December Solstice (poem)


  Verb. Adverb. Noun. Adjective. Conjunction. This word “still”. I am here still. I am walking still. I am breathing still. I am thinking still. I am living still. Still the sun shines. Still she smiles. Be still. The leaves have fallen; still hope remains. In the still of deepest night, an owl calls across … More still


Perhaps you will be asked if you will be traveling somewhere this Christmas. Perhaps you will be asked what food item you will contribute to an annual potluck. Perhaps others are expecting you to plan an event because you always plan said event. Perhaps you will be asked if you will be coming to a … More Expectations

A Poem by Luci Shaw

    “…for who can endure the day of his coming?”  ~ Malachi 3:2   When an angel snapped the old thin threads of speech with an untimely birth announcement, slit the seemly cloth of an even more blessed event with shears of miracle, invaded the privacy of a dream, multiplied to ravage the dark silk … More A Poem by Luci Shaw