Writing From Exile: Breakout Session

  Hi Writing Friends! I’m honored to be leading a Breakout Session at the Breathe Writers Conference this fall! The session (and conference) will be virtual this year. Below is the summary for my session: Writing from Exile: Finding Hope Amidst Hardship—Prasanta Verma Poets through the years who experienced exile, imprisonment, or other hardship used … More Writing From Exile: Breakout Session

Solstice Lament (Poem)

Solstice Lament   A leaf, flower, blue egg blossom in brief— short season of thaw before heads scurry in holes. For now, irony— gaining inches of darkness while days shimmer in verdurous splendor, efflorescent interval. Light soon dissolves— night spreads slithering wings.   *   6/20/20 Prasanta  

December Solstice (a poem)

December Solstice Solstice darkness persists longer than sun’s extended rays which reach my fingertips eight minutes later than when they first sizzled out of their thermogenic home. Electromagnetic radiation warms cool blue earth, invisibly touches my skin. In the chill of Cimmerian nights, we wait for tender light to pierce the crepuscular twilight. Underneath December’s … More December Solstice (a poem)

A World With Octobers

As October winds down (and it has been a beautifully mild October!), and as we head into colder weather, I am reminded of this quote: I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. ― L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables Here are some photos I took last October: ***  

Three Poetry Contests

Friends, I wanted to bring to your attention three poetry contests: Dignity not Detention – A prize of $500 and publication in Poetry International will be given for a single poem written for refugees currently being detained pending their hearings. (A similar prize will be offered to refugee poets in U.S. detention centers.)  Paraclete Press announces … More Three Poetry Contests

Friday Favorites

Friends, I am excited to share I am joining Lisa Deam at The Contemplative Writer this year! I will be contributing to the Friday Favorites for Prayer and Writing, as well as writing a monthly article. Please join us there! Click here to read this week’s first Friday Favorites.     ***    


I have an exciting announcement: I will be joining Lisa Deam at The Contemplative Writer this year!  Each week, I will be contributing to the Friday Favorites post, and I will be contributing a post or article each month. I hope you’ll join me there– and take a look at all the other weekly posts! … More Announcement!

Streams of Amber (poem)

Streams of Amber When love’s fingertips brush fields, purple, amber and golden streams flow, trickle down to hungry souls, drip into an earth permeable to tears of human feet and ambered grace of grains transformed into red, white and blue frosted independence day cakes. © prasanta  July 2011  ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Happy Fourth of July!!

Scenes from a Lake

Summer means a trip to a lake. If you look carefully in the right third and about 2/3 way down, you’ll see a redwing blackbird sitting on these tall grasses or reeds. And of course, what lake visit isn’t complete without a giant pink flamingo floatie big enough for you and all your friends? (I … More Scenes from a Lake

A Spring Walk

A couple of weeks ago, I took a walk in a park. A little path wound through the park. This field was a gorgeous sight dotted in yellow. A few surprises just on the edge of the park trail included a sighting of mayapple. The big surprise was to see the quantity of trillium. Look … More A Spring Walk

In April (poem)

In April surprised by any old thing that should uproot itself and subvert the winter awakening to newness from sleep surprised each morning I, too, awake  words– thrown away by winds souls– slaughtered  by hatchets see—    but don’t see my heart left me— some night, long ago I wonder why in April the daffodils have … More In April (poem)