Immeasurable, Infinite

I know that I am righteous before him, that my sins are cleansed and I am redeemed through Christ’s blood. Because of him I have boldness to come before God, to bow at His feet at His throne, His golden bejeweled throne. I imagine what it must look like, and I imagine bowing before Him. I imagine a lot.

Thank you for your deep, deep love, Jesus, thank you. It is very deep; you died for me, so I can have hope today, hope when I desperately need it. Without you I would truly have no hope. There would be no hope, in this life or in the hereafter. You are good. There is none like you. My heart sings praises to you, my mouth sings praises to you. My spirit lifts up to sing to you. I praise you. I worship you. You alone are worthy of worship and praise. You are worthy to be praised! You are holy! Beyond compare. Beyond measure. You are beyond measure. The oceans, the sandy beaches, the stars… are like you… because they cannot be measured!

I cannot count the stars, the grains of sand; no one can. But you can. You made the stars and you know exactly how many there are. You know the depth of the ocean, how much water it holds. We have no measures big enough to understand the capacity of the oceans’ waters. We have not time to count the stars, they stretch to infinity in our vision. You created math, numbers, and gave us… infinity. You are infinity. Infinity is YOU. We cannot measure your love, and your forgiveness is as far as the east is from the west, a distance that we cannot measure. It is great. I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit groans for me in ways that words cannot express. I cannot express what I feel. My words are like small measuring cups that are trying to measure the volume of the ocean; it is not adequate. I have no words, just as small measuring cups don’t make a dent in the ocean’s volume. The enormity of the ocean, the vastness of the night skies, the numerous grains of sand… all speak to me of your unfailing love, your mercies, your capacity to love… it is all beyond human measure! What precious thoughts!

The Bible says that the good works Jesus did when he was alive were so numerous that all the books in the world couldn’t contain them. I believe it… it is true in a single instant of time and throughout eternity. His works, his words, his sacrifice… affect all of the human race from beginning to end. His gift cannot be measured.

So I come to him with full confidence knowing he is fully capable of meeting all my needs, of seeing me through any calamity, any disaster, and capable of miracles that I cannot even imagine. I hold on dearly to his promises; I cling to them. His word can be trusted. Immeasurable, Infinite, is He and His love.


2 thoughts on “Immeasurable, Infinite

  1. very enjoy your writing….better than I would have prayed:))

    sense you must have a close time with the Lord when you wrote this.

    Once I meditated on His Infinite, all I could do was singing onto him in awe. But you have written them down. Cool! Like it!

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