In the Middle

In the Middle

I walk in large circles in the park, this week and last.

The wind blows strong and I bend my head low and stare at the grass below. The hidden world beneath my feet is stirring to the morning call of spring. Very soon black ants will bubble up from underground networks.

Fighting wind, I lift my head and look up. The world above moves in mystery, beyond the clouds, and the sun hides. I marvel at the colossal, me the redeemed with grid of pulsing veins and intricate world beneath my skin that is no less a wonder than the skies.

I walk on yellow-green grass, a shade between winter and spring, in the middle of two vast physical worlds, we three expectant for final redemption, between broken past and burgeoning future.

And I do not know the exact coordinates of this hot spot in the expanding cosmos.

But this I know, on the journey from embryo to final breath

That I am connected to I AM, connected to Source

anywhere I point on the maps yet uncharted,

radiating concentric circles like a radar

From a bright red flashing dot.

Right in the middle

He is.

The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters forth speech, And night unto night reveals knowledge. There is no speech nor language where there voice is not heard. Their line has gone out through the earth, and their words to the end of the world. Psalm 19:1-4

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34 thoughts on “In the Middle

  1. Oh, Anna, this is such a lovely playdate! I often imagine invisible threads that connect me to the IAm, but also to my brothers and sisters all over the world. It astounds me when I read these words and feel those threads pull at my heart this way! It has been rather windy here and spring is in full swing. I am grateful to feel our tie today, Beloved!

    1. How wonderful to think of these connections to people all over, too, thank you for that reminder, Laura! I’m thankful that the cross of Christ connects us, and how the internet makes it possible to share across miles, making those connections easier and faster. How creative God is.

    1. Tammy, your writing captures me. I enjoy your words. Thank you for reading and commenting, blessings this Easter week.

    1. Thanks for commenting here, gave me a chance to visit your sweet place. Blessings, Erin, thank you for visiting and sharing!

  2. Erin thank you for dropping by. I love your words and how we are connected to the great I am! I love the vivd way you have colored the picture between teh world (Excuse me the cosmos.) Beautiful

    1. It struck me in the park — how I am walking on the planet, with vast worlds underneath and above…and with a spirit within. God is amazing. Thanks for visiting and your comment; bless you.

  3. So beautiful…makes me think of the word HaMakom…The Place…one of my favorite names for God in Hebrew. The Place is not far away, but right inside of each of us…the locus of connection with Source, with All Beingness, lies within.

    1. What a beautiful Hebrew word, HaMakom, thank you for sharing that. He is The Place… of so many things, Eternal Dwelling Place, Eternal Rest… a place– -yet outside of physical space, and the Alpha and Omega, Infinite, outside of time. So deep, so beautiful.

  4. I marvel at the colossal, me the redeemed with grid of pulsing veins and intricate world beneath my skin that is no less a wonder than the skies.

    extraordinary prose, here, anna… i didn’t want you to stop.

    1. He is the author of it all, the universe, and the people and creatures that inhabit it, and anything good that comes out of me. Blessings, Emily.

  5. I am connected to I AM. This is one of my favorite names for God. Three letters and infinite power. Reminds me of Jesus answering the mob in the Garden of Gesthemene, I AM he, and the earth trembled in awe. (John 17) I AM always makes my heart skip a beat…so to think of whom I am truly, constantly connected to…overwhelming.

    1. Joybird, thanks for putting that feeling into words so well… “I AM always makes my heart skip a beat… so to think of whom I am truly, constantly connected to…overwhelming.” You said it, “three letters, and infinite power”. Your statement prods if I am one of His own, how/in what ways am I not living like I’m connected… so much to think about here… thank you.

    1. Smile… I was hoping it would end up looking like a dot, with waves like a radar emanating from the dot. I didn’t see the “arrow”, ha ha! But I love it, the arrow works too, I see it! I love hearing what other people see. Thank you for reading, Grace VB, blessings.

    1. Oh, that He feels my pain, too… yes, Mrs. M., humbling, indeed, He does, and it is something I have also needed to know, too… something we need to hear….thank you, thank you, for this.

  6. Some of the wise ones would say we ARE the source.

    I like thinking about those ants you speak of that will soon bubble up from the earth and wonder what they do down there all winter. Play cards? Shuffleboard? have grand ant parties to pass the time away. :)

    Thanks for taking me on your park walk with you.


    1. I like to imagine those ants playing cards, writing music and having jam sessions. Taking pictures and making scrapbooks. And having a big ole tea party. :) Thanks for the comment!

  7. Loved the part about no matter where we are–“uncharted parts of earth”, we are connected to the I AM. For me that says that no matter what uncharted parts of life ahead that I may travel, He is there and I am connected to the I AM.
    Loved the poetry of your words as well.

    Have a Blessed Easter

    1. Janis, that is exactly what I intended, what I was thinking. when I wrote! Thank you for seeing that. Blessed Easter to you, too, friend.

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