A Place to Rest

At the end of it, he did what I sometimes have a hard time doing. He worked, and then he said he would take a rest.

It was God who said it. And it was God who did it. He worked for six days and then took a sabbath rest.

I guess I can’t imagine God resting. But He did. And you know, this is our God, the one who “never sleeps or slumbers”. Maybe I can relate it to when I had a toddler, and I’d have an eye on him or her, while I was sitting on the couch. I’m not sure, really, how God rests.

Back then, before sin entered, maybe there was less work for God to do. I mean, this was before sin, right? Now, everything is all messed up. He’s got so much to keep an eye on. (I hope I’m getting in any theological trouble sharing these ideas that pop into my head!?)

Well, this I know– God rested. And he told us to take a Sabbath Rest. And also, we have an Eternal Rest that waits for us.

Ahhhh…. just the sound of it, the thought of it… gives me peace. We were made for it really, the eternal rest, that home in heaven, our permanent dwelling place… our place of true rest.

The words of that old hymn come to mind: “my faith has found a resting place”. Sweet peace, friend… and I wonder, if you feel it, too?

I do squirm at times and wonder and question, as I continue to work out my salvation with fear and trembling, but a few things stand sure and certain– and that is God’s character and His word– they never change.

I can rest… I can rest in that truth, I can rest in Him. That might be about it, the only place to rest, because “all other ground is sinking sand”.


Sharing with the Five Minute Friday community at The Gypsy Mama, with the writing prompt “Rest”.


10 thoughts on “A Place to Rest

    1. Yes, you are right, Shanda. And, I sang that hymn while growing up, and don’t hear it so much anymore. :) Thanks for commenting!

  1. Haha, I just looked over my post and noticed I left out a very important word, the word “not” … I meant to say, “I hope I’m “NOT” getting in any theological trouble sharing these ideas that pop into my head!” ) But this is what the rules say… no editing, just writing for the fun of it, in five minutes. :)

  2. So true! The world teaches us to be busy and supposedly “productive” all the time. Yet, if God who is perfect, tells us to rest and sees the need to rest Himself, who are we to question?

    I love that picture on your post – wish I could spend Labor Day weekend there.

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