Jewels of Autumn

this photo taken by my daughter


Embracing one of the joys of season: a family tradition to go apple picking. This year, we’ll go twice. In a week or two, we’ll go back to pick apples to make into pies and applesauce. When the leaves turn (they’ve just begun to turn golden and red, and overnight it seems more and more are changing), I’ll have more of Autumn’s gifts to photograph and post.

Sharing with Laura for Playdates at The Wellspring, in the weekly link-up where friends can share how they embrace the God-Joy each week.

And, continuing in the weekly list of thanksgiving (#432-443):
– apple picking (round one)
– taking photos at the farm (100+)
– green grass
– libraries
– laughter
– football
– haircuts
– honey drizzled on almonds
– George Winston’s “Autumn” CD
– hearing an owl hooting at night
– crickets at dusk- remind me that summer is fading into another season
– and, (I’m dating myself) but remember the Partridge Family? This week, I heard their song online, “come on, get happy!” — corny, perhaps, but it made me smile and brought back memories of coming home from school, eating a snack and watching the Partridge Family on TV. My favorite snack back then was “cheese puffs”, and my mom didn’t offer it too often, but when she did, oh boy, it was a treat (albeit an unhealthy one!)  :)


3 thoughts on “Jewels of Autumn

  1. It is such a joy to pick fresh fruit and make your own apple sauce and pies. The photo your daughter snapped is very interesting. It looked like ice melting from the fruit, or water droplets shinning from the sun. It was delightful and interesting.

  2. Just gorgeous. The title of your post has me imagining these apple baubles as earrings, hanging from tree lobes. I love it, Anna. Your daughter did a wonderful job with her photography too! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ;)

    1. Haha! Love that imagery as apple earrings hanging from tree lobes! And that quote about the apple not falling far from the tree– that made me smile! Thank you.

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