Laugh {Day 20}

I mentioned in a previous post this week that I enjoyed my father’s sense of humor when he was here recently visiting. My mom also enjoys a hearty laugh or two when visiting, because inevitably something one of us does makes us all enjoy a good laugh.

Laughter has such power. It is healing, restorative, and eases tension in difficult situations. Laughter draws people together and uplifts us when we feel down.

I don’t think we fully  understand, nor has medical science fully proven the full benefits of laughter (and perhaps it cannot be scientifically validated in the way that research studies are conducted).

I do take scripture at its word, that “A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

My parents left a few days ago, and I found out my father was hospitalized last night with very high blood pressure. He was transferred via ambulance to another hospital this morning (a larger facility in a larger city) and tomorrow he will have a heart cath done.

Well, we aren’t laughing much today. But we have the memories of our laughs with us.

If I could suggest one thing to those who are reading, it would be not only to laugh, but to record the voices of those you love. I realize how familiar certain voices are, and how I want to remember what they sound like. I want to be able to recall the sound of my parents’ voices. I heard them daily for over 18 years, and even after college and moving away, their voices are still familiar. Not only would I like to remember, I’d like my kids to remember as well– their stories in their own voices.

I may travel to be with my parents the next few days. I hope there is some laughter. And I hope to record their voices and some stories.


3 thoughts on “Laugh {Day 20}

  1. Anna, I’m very sorry to hear about your dad’s heart scare. My father-in-law had triple bypass surgery in summer 2010, so I know a little of what you’re feeling (though one’s biological dad would be even scarier). May the Lord guide the doctors and medical staff through successful remediation of the source of the trouble, and may He give your whole family His peace in whatever comes. And yes, may He give you laughter, too. It’s supposed to be very helpful for lowering blood pressure and improving immune response.

    I like the idea of recording voices and stories. I want to do that with my grandmother and wish I had with my other grandparents.

    Loving prayers go out to you.

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