Five Minute Friday: Community

We used to have it. In this culture.

But… not so much anymore.

Not too long ago, people were out of their homes, more than they are now.
Not too long ago, neighbors knew each other by name, and then some.
Not too long ago, kids ran around with  the other kids in their block, and no one worried too much.

But, now?

We’re looking for it. We’re searching for it. We’re hungry for it.

It = community.

We’re more connected than ever through the internet, yet we’re more alone than ever, too.

God made us this way:

To grow together. To  build one another up. To walk together. To love together. To serve together. To share one another’s burdens.

We aren’t meant to walk alone.

And sometimes, perhaps more often than not, I am the one must take the initiative. That is the way it is. And it’s ok. Because in the end, I know that God will give me what I need.

More often that not, WE are the ones who must take the initiative.

Building community? It starts with me. It starts with us.


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9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Community

  1. I love your reflection. It puts into words exactly how I feel. I remember being young and feeling like a part of the community where everyone knew each other and cared about each other and everyone was eager to lend a helping hand. Now if you reach out to your neighbor to lend a helping hand they don’t trust you or don’t want to bother you and if you ask for help, even if it’s a small thing, they don’t care.

    1. I know what you mean, Nicole; I understand. I’ve been there. But, I feel sad after reading your comment, though. Mind if I e-mail you?
      I looked at your site– it’s an amazing resource! I’ve marked it so I can refer to it again. Do you keep up all of that by yourself?

  2. I remember those days, NO fear as we played in the street “Kick the can.” or walked to our library several blocks away. Our children were fortunate to have others their age close by and friends at church. Church is important to link with others of like minded faith.

    1. That’s true Hazel… but sometimes we put on our “fake faces” at church. Sad, but true.
      Yet– I do think authentic community can be found.

  3. Anna–so well put “Building a community starts with US.” The old saying, “If you want to have a friend, BE a friend.”
    The sharpening and growth comes when we let God help us walk that out….

    good thoughts here–and the empty benches photo speaks volumes!

    1. Yes– it’s just like you say with BEing a friend– we have to BE like the people in the community we want to have.
      For some reason, I’ve been taking pictures of empty benches over the past year (when I come across one and I have my camera along) I’ve only got 4-5 now. I liked those two above, there were situated next to a creek.
      Thanks so much for coming over and commenting!

  4. I never thought about how “communityless” we are despite how connected we are. Relationships can be so surface and superficial because of e-mail, internet, FB… I can go through the motions and post a “how are you” without really caring…. I think you are so right, we have way to many paper relationships today. Thank you for the reminder to step away, out, over, my boundaries and comfort zones!!!

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