Approaching flames
warm the hands and
wake the mind

Sparks sear the heart,
ignite fiber of truth and
a thread of hunger burns

dust catches fire
blazes across centuries–
the line is traced

on hearts of men,
maps are colored in
and I know where

I belong. In red embers
where love transforms
the chaff of ash

I find myself, a fading
flower, a temporal vapor
with flammable soul.


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37 thoughts on “Flammable

  1. very cool…a temporal vapor with flammable soul…loved this…also the line, traced on hearts of men with the knowing where you belong…speaks much to me of finding home, finding the way, the self with all limitations but still the abundance

  2. wow..truly flammable your captivating verse is..’I belong. In red embers where love transforms the chaff of ash..’ – heavenly lines.

    1. Lori, so good to see you, I’ve been wondering about you!! And, thank you for those kind words!

  3. Beautiful! I love the line Lori just mentioned… oh, the imagery gives me chills.. dust catches fire… YES! Just the very thought makes me want to take off my shoes- holy ground! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I LOVE this. So inspiring and so beautiful. Faith and flames….My favorite part is: “and I know where/ I belong.” Don’t we all want to find out where we belong? But nobody, not even our own selves, know our paths besides God. Excellent piece, Anna!

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