The Real

Pasty, smiley
“I’m fine, I’m fine.”
Walk around with chalk
and smoke is all that is
left behind.

True says, “Not so fine.”
Truth says, “I need you.”
Truth says, “I don’t want to be an island.”
Truth says, “I’m as broken as you.”

No fear to be “myself”
or “yourself”
Being accepted, held dear
By sisters and brothers
knotted together by the cross

((Friends… we’re all longing for Real))

Once a beam of truth
seeps through
broken places
and a friend says “i love you”
anyway, despite, always,

Like God does
Like God loves
Then we know

Have the joy
of experiencing
The Real.

Jesus… he did this.
Loved like this.
Loved honest.
Loved the people real.
Loved what was inside.
Loved the inside out,
not outside in

Healed what was broken.
And didn’t care what
anyone else thought.
Loved scandalously the
ones who were alone
in most need of
the Real. Not religion.
But Him.

And we need this
the same Real today.

And in my life,
I want this Real
Permeating, I want
this to be me.


Sharing with Lisa-Jo for the Five Minute Friday prompt: “Real”


6 thoughts on “The Real

  1. Nice! it’s most often my pride that holds me back from being Real, I think. that wanting others to think well of me. I do want also to be a “safe” person others can trust with their real selves. beautiful thoughts beautifully expressed here, friend.

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