Risky Faith

Hannah presenting Samuel to Eli the priest, by Gerbrand van den Eeckhout (ca. 1665) Source: Public Domain, Wikipedia Commons.

It was a time when her worth, her
value was wrapped up in the fruit
of her womb. No offspring?
No value, no favor by God

She wept, scorned by Peninnah,
by society… year after
lonely, long year. (Has God
really forgotten her?)

Elkanah loves Hannah,
Well meaning but cannot
understand her pain (no,
he is not equal to ten sons)

In deep distress she pours
her heart to God, in the
temple, in front of Eli
(whose sons are scoundrels)

Instead of a woman who believes,
Eli sees a woman drunk, revealing
more about Eli and his sons, than her
(What has the priesthood come to?)

She explains she is praying
He says go in peace, may God
grant her petition.
And God remembers Hannah.

In due time, a son is born
His name is Samuel
She keeps her promise
She brings him back

To the temple of Eli
And his scoundrel sons
To a place of corruption
And that is faith

What becomes of Samuel
this gift, this promise?

ordains David as king
child of ordinary people
(Hannah and Elkanah)
faithful and obedient
servant of God


The sermon on Sunday is this story, based on 1 Samuel, in a series called “Risky Faith”. “It was in ordinary times during ordinary circumstances, that Hannah stepped out in risky faith.”

Question to ponder: What kinds of steps can I take, in my ordinary life, in these ordinary times?


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12 thoughts on “Risky Faith

  1. It was risky faith. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all follow Hannah and Elkanah’s example? Thanks for reminding us to do jus that, Anna!

  2. The story of Hannah holds a special place in my faith journey…thanks for sharing your encouraging poem and thoughts..Blessings :)

    1. Of course that makes me curious, Dolly. But I’m glad that this story is special to you. :)

  3. Love your re-telling of this beautiful story. We read this one often in the children’s Bible.. MY Hannah always wants to hear the tale of her “namesake.” Always a treat to linger here.

  4. I guess there is nothing new under the sun is there. And there is so much consolation knowing that others share the same kind of struggles we do and overcome them. That most of what we do that matters involves risk and what a gift He gives when we say yes. Such a great re-telling of this portion of scripture.

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