The Walk (aka Community)

The Walk (aka Community)

What is found in you
is found in me
and if we don’t have it,
we’ll search together
at the cusp of each
and every bend, under
every rock, behind every
cloud that rains. If you
lose it, I will search
with you; we’ll sing
hymns, read Book, walk
until we find it.

And we’ll find pieces
of ourselves through these
walks in the wood, through
the unfolding of roses,
the sharing of laughs,
the mingling of tears–
until we know Him, and we see
the flutter of wings
in one another’s eyes.

And we’ll know what it means,
really means, to carry
burdens, because we cry
on shoulders that are
not our own, and we laugh
with the bells of other voices,
and because we follow one
another through strange lands,
under unfamiliar skies.

And through this loving
and knowing, through this
shrinking of me and of you,
we’ll know more of Him.
And we’ll see Jesus, walking–
in front of, beside, behind…


Sharing with Imperfect Prose and Soli Deo Gloria... won’t you join in these sweet communities?

9 thoughts on “The Walk (aka Community)

  1. nice…community, when done right is a beautiful thing…it is a free give and take to each other and carrying and…you got it…and in that we do find jesus…nice verse…

  2. Oh, wow. I love this!

    You have sung such a beautiful melody of relationship here.
    So abstract, yet so profoundly tangible.

    Gotta share this beauty with my fb friends.

  3. I love that we’ll know what it really means to carry burdens – that is community – to weep with those who mourn and laugh with the ‘bells of other voices’
    I’d like to be here on this walk.

    1. Kath, that desire to be on this walk is a part of us — “what is found in you/ is found in me”– that is exactly what I meant by those words. I hope you can experience this if it’s not there in your life right now. It is my hope for myself, too. You’re welcome to walk here anytime, friend.

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