Doctor’s Helper

When I was eight years old, we moved to Alabama from South Dakota. I vividly remember the move. My father was one of the first two physicians in our small town, they needed doctors, and they were happy to have us move in.

My father borrowed money and  bought  an old apartment building and had it renovated to include a lobby, several patient rooms, his office, and a lab room. He was busy in those early years.

By the time I was a teen, I would help out in the office in the summers, in the front desk area. I learned how to answer the phone cheerfully, giving the name of the business and asking, “May I help you?”

I would make copies, file charts, make appointments, and do other office-related duties. If the front desk attendant was sick or away on vacation, I was eventually able to carry on her front desk tasks…

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Remember your first job? Today, I share memories of my first as part job, and am thrilled to be sharing for the First Job series for David Rupert at The High Calling, who blogs at Come on over and read the rest of the story, and the other “First Job” stories… you will be inspired! 


4 thoughts on “Doctor’s Helper

  1. Oh, friend, being the wife of a small town family doc, this post just makes me smile. Love the way you shared your memories here. Thanks for the glimpse into your little girl heart!

    1. I bet you and your family has stories to share in this regard, too Alicia… so many you’re keeping close to you and will spill out at the right time… thank you, friend, you make me smile…

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