The Coat-Remover

Colors emerge like hidden jewels, sparkling in the sun. The season is turning, and once again I contemplate the beauty and lesson of the deciduous Tree.

Its branches are always lifted upward like arms in praise. With a dark, cold season approaching, Tree surrenders bravely as it is stripped of its glorious coat of color and stands bare naked in the coldest months of the year. 

I cannot understand all the cold days of this life, as I too have seasons when I feel as if my coat is being removed and I am losing what I once held.

But one of the sweetest reminders of  autumn is that hidden jewels exist behind the coat– that there are “great and unsearchable things” that the Coat-Remover Himself waits to reveals to us– words of life and wisdom, the peace of His presence, and so much more.

As leaves fall, I am reminded to search for the timeless treasures left behind behind when coats are removed– truths from the hand of the Tree Maker Himself.

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10 thoughts on “The Coat-Remover

  1. Oh, Lyli, you have, indeed, been asked to surrender your grasp lately. Praying He’ll wrap you in a NEW COAT of His Perfect love and promise. Autumn is my favorite season of all. Can’t get over the beauty that blazes before those “coats” are removed.

  2. Okay, Anna, now you know I’m visiting all my S DG girlfriends when I’m way too tired. You’re NOT Lyli :) But I STILL love your analogy of the coat remover. Praying for you, too, dear friend. Oh, my, time to call it a night before I re-name anyone else! :) Hope you have a blessed week.

  3. Love the way you adjust your writing to the color of this time of year. I DO love seeing the trees filled with glorious colors. [What I DON’T like is seeing all of the them in my yard between now and spring. Oh, well…]

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