Filled With What?

Iraqi child in refugee camp.  Photo credit: unicefiran, Flickr Creative Commons
Iraqi child in refugee camp.
Photo credit: unicefiran, Flickr Creative Commons


I read about it in the news. You have, too. The places where chaos and confusion and persecution have erupted.

I am thinking of our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq, and how an extremist faction has taken over and is filling the people with fear.

One day, you are living; the next day, you might die. Just because of what you believe.

Young children who were once full of hope— their lives remain uncertain now.

They stand on top of a hill, surrounded by a menace equivalent to anyone’s worst nightmare, filled with trepidation.  What will become of them? A valley’s fields are filling with the blood of those who are dying.

Where love reigns, so does freedom. Where tyranny reigns, fear runs rampant.

And the scariest thing of all, is that I recognize it in my own heart. Hatred. It starts with me. It starts with one heart. One person, one neighbor, one word, one grudge, one remark, one action that multiplies and hatred spreads. My own heart is capable of that. I can be quite full of it, too.

Each one of us has a decision to make.

It starts with us. It starts with me. There is a cure for hatred. Change like this can’t be fulfilled by any political ideology, government, social agenda, or cultural shift. Change like this can’t happen simply by taking away guns, weapons, or extremist propaganda. No, because you see, we still have our original hearts.

This kind of radical change? It starts with the emptying of one’s heart, so that Jesus can fill it with himself.

Full of myself? Full of the world? Look at the news and we can see where that gets us.

Full of Jesus? That’s what I want. That’s what we need.


This post was written for the Five Minute Friday prompt, “Fill”; and so happy to join Kate Motaung in her first week taking over the FMF community. My mind can’t process much else with the current horrifying news– not that it’s been any different in the ages; evil has been with us, as well as these atrocities. To read more stories written for the prompt “Fill”, or to submit your own, click here. And pray for those in need. 



4 thoughts on “Filled With What?

  1. So often as I hear the news, my heart breaks. I cannot imagine living in the midst of such violence & hatred. And you are right, the only hope we have is as we each allow God to fill our hearts with His love. I am glad I linked up after you at Five Minute Friday today as I think this is my very first time visiting you :) May God bless you & fill you with more of Himself!

    1. Tanya, I hear you. But we have hope to share. We can be the compassion we want to see; it starts with us. “We can’t change the world but we can change the world of one person in front of us.” I heard that quote a few years ago by a missionary- and I never forgot it. It gave me some perspective on the bigness of the problems in the world and what I, one person, could do about it.

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