Removing the Grit

Statue of an Angel by Michelangelo     Source:Wikipedia

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” ~Michelangelo


He comes in with tools of various kinds. The tools don’t look like the usual types, but they do a similar sort of work as a carpenter or sculptor.

Work begins on the project. Parts are cut off, sections are chiseled. If pieces of wood or marble could cry, this part of the process would hurt. But a plain piece of wood or stone– that is not the purpose the Master has in mind.

After more sawing, molding, cutting, and sanding, a form begins to take shape. It is hard to tell what it will look like, before it begins, before the carving out and tearing out and scratching. But once the Master begins his work, after time, an ambiguous object turns into something more concrete: something useful, something purposeful, something beautiful.

Scattered pieces remain on the floor, broken off pieces the Master had to remove. It is dusty, and the Master sweeps up all the shavings– the minute particles, the ones that are not needed, and throws them away.

And our hearts? They are no longer made of stone. And our lives? They have new purpose, meaning and beauty.


What work is the Lord doing in your heart this holiday season?


Sharing with Laura at Playdates with God, Jennifer at #TellHisStory, and Lyli for Thought-Provoking Thursday.



2 thoughts on “Removing the Grit

    1. I understand — the work is way too much to say in just a few words or a short comment! It is a lifetime of daily and constant prunings, isn’t it? God bless you, Dolly!

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