Country Balm

Country Balm


An amber glow settles, a silver mist hovers

An awakening, from one serenity to the next

A new morn continues its ascent


A hum of crickets cracks the silence

I follow a trail of invisible prints

In soft, malleable soil


What is the distance between footsteps in this field?

A mile’s sigh, an acre of soreness

A lifetime of kneaded thoughts, finely aged wine


I hear the messages in this stillness

In the punctuated swish of a light breeze

And staccato chirp on a still afternoon


An old red pickup truck grumbles along its way home

Passing by clearings, meadows, knee-high corn

Density intersects a vast open sky


Hay bales warm the ground

Scattered like woolly mammoth sweaters

And I unravel like loosely wound yarn


The only doors here lead to voices,

Those of seedlings and uncaged birds

And quiet murmurings of grounded souls


I am the shepherd of this land,

But lo, I find I am the one who is




©Prasanta, February 26, 2016

This piece was written for the Tweetspeak Poetry Prompt: City and Country Prompt: Countryside Poems.  Click the link to read more or to add your own. :) 



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