Ski (poem)




I am deliberating: to ski or not to ski
Lifts ensure an effortless climb up the hill
Onward glide, but careful not to overdo
Venturing down may require a little improv
Every turn, take slow, then accelerate
Yield, glissade, scatter snow in a flurry
Orchestrate a rhythm, a tempo
Unloose and fly – but don’t end up in a snafu


A few years ago, my oldest son asked to go skiing for his birthday. His birthday is in the winter months, and that is what he got that year.  Since then, I take the boys skiing for a day once a  year. Fortunately, another home school parent organizes a huge group, obtains a group discount, and we all go on the same day; it’s more fun for all the kids to ski with others. Another group trip is now being organized and on the calendar, so I had “ski” on my mind. This large group is organized twice a year, but we go just once. (Once is enough for us – especially since it’s on a weekday and we take that day off of school to go, and have to make it up by doubling up on other days. But I do like the fact we avoid the busy weekends, and the boys easily catch up.) Since it’s almost 2 hours away, it ends up being nearly a whole day event. I happily write or read while waiting there, and visit with others who are also waiting.  What I learned while writing this poem: there are not many words that end in “v”.  




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