hidden gem (poem)


I said to the gem

surviving beneath the

season’s first sheath

of ice and snow,

“you are my favorite”

because the world walked

by and did not notice



I stopped

and noticed

your tenacity

insistence to live

and not die buried under

indifference of snow

and disinterested, distracted

fast-walkers, fast-talkers


I will look for you

because no one else is


you shine through a white shroud

of cold


you are beautiful,

breathing and glowing

in the middle of

the cold loneliness

of your life,

granting me

a bit of your hope


So I choose you,

unpretentious, unassuming

hidden snow-gem

visible reminder of hope


in spring you will thrive

when the burden and weight

of ice and snow

once again lift and

dissipate into summer


winter will not destroy you

I will look for you

those who are forgotten

are those who remember



Linking with Five Minute Friday; the weekly writing prompt is the word “burden”
Photo credit: unsplash     

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