A Seder Dinner

      A few years ago, I felt inspired to have my own Seder Dinner. I read some materials and planned a whole meal, and invited one other family to join in the dinner. I even bought a special Seder plate for the occasion and goblet for the occasion (pictured above).     The … More A Seder Dinner

“Shared Hells: A Lenten Meditation” (essay by Peter Kreeft)

During the days and weeks leading up to Easter (Lent), I often like to pick up this little book titled “Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter.” One of the readings in the book which I have found meaningful and enjoyable is called “Shard Hells” by Peter Kreeft. Last year, I happily ran across … More “Shared Hells: A Lenten Meditation” (essay by Peter Kreeft)

The Making (A Lenten Poem)

  The Making   Scattered, broken particles must be remade after life on earth snaps, crushes each bone, sinew, and organ into first-born molecules   Dust catches in throat— chokes irrelevancy   Smeared ashes reconstruct into wooden cross beams unmade – made – remade   * © prasanta  February 2018 * * * *  


  It’s the place we come back to: the place we started. It’s the first step to any dream: taking a step, however small it might be. At the end of a task, we remember where we began, where it all started. An Olympic athlete looks back to those first attempts. A writer looks back … More Beginnings

More Than

    What I give: Barely. Enough.  What He gives? More than. When I’m fed up, I say, “I’ve had enough!” What He says? “I AM.” What I offer? Just. What He offers me? More than. It’s always this, Him giving more than, Him being more than. The equation– it doesn’t balance. No matter what, … More More Than

He is Here

The spirit hovered over the waters. Before it all began, His breath was here, blowing dreams into being. Mighty oaks, redwoods, the earth’s crater-bowls of oceans, large blocks of land, the unending sky… all were here in the beginning. He made it so. Creation still echoes in the canyons, bounces off clouds, softly lands in … More He is Here


My older son asked me a question a few days ago: What is the difference between empathy and sympathy? He already had been thinking about the question, and had some answers of his own. He’s been reading some books (he’s an avid reader) on various topics – some for school, some on his own. He … More Empathy/Sympathy

Poems by Rilke

  Piano Practice by Rainer Maria Rilke The summer hums. The afternoon fatigues; she breathed her crisp white dress distractedly and put into it that sharply etched etude her impatience for a reality that could come: tomorrow, this evening–, that perhaps was there, was just kept hidden; and at the window, tall and having everything, … More Poems by Rilke

she became silent

  Silence for too long and no no words for far too long no answering the phone (then and now) when light finally broke through escape from prison she spoke but didn’t speak unable to speak hiding away resting, recovering from a month of savagery she now cries, sleeps, heals under the sun * January … More she became silent


Some things are certain (what I know) Others uncertain (I don’t know what you’re thinking) . . . Some know how to love— (you—beautiful you—from what I perceive and believe) — and I’m certain about certain facts such as (          ) And others don’t know how to love such as (                   ) I ask– did … More certain/uncertain

Sunset (by Rilke)

  Slowly the west reaches for clothes of new colors which it passes to a row of ancient trees. You look, and soon these two worlds both leave you one part climbs toward heaven, one sinks to earth. ~Rainer Maria Rilke: Sunset        

consolation (poem)

    tell me, dear reader, what choice do i have but to remain incognito?   and to console myself with countless books, endless cups of tea, and hours and hours of writing,   and cry a little in between.   * © prasanta    december 27, 2017

december solstice (poem)

Official first day of winter– the solstice when darkness is bigger, greater, longer than the sun’s extended rays which reach my fingertips eight minutes later than when they first sizzled out of their thermogenic home This electromagnetic radiation reaches the cool blue earth invisibly touches my skin Here I sit in the chill of Cimmerian nights and … More december solstice (poem)

The Wise and the Lowly

Something new burned in the sky that night; an astronomical object or some other supernatural phenomenon. Wise men from the east were aware of the usual night sky occurrences, and on this night, they knew something was different. They said later to Herod, after they had traveled to find the baby Jesus, “we have seen … More The Wise and the Lowly


One year, not too long ago, my kids were participating in a White Elephant gift exchange at a Christmas party. We ended up wrapping a very tiny gift in a small box, and then wrapping that little box in a slightly larger box, and then wrapping that box in an even bigger box, and repeating … More Unwrapped

Choosing a Writing Critique Group – Guest Post By Andi Cumbo-Floyd

  “Dangerously unselfish, my friends. I think that’s what we need to be as writers. People not interested in girding up our rightness or projecting some false sense of correctness. People interested, instead, in digging into the meaty betweens where beauty and pain rub shoulders, and where truth and forgiveness are bedfellows. Where might you … More Choosing a Writing Critique Group – Guest Post By Andi Cumbo-Floyd