December Solstice (poem)

Solstice darkness is greater, longer than sun’s extended rays which reach my fingertips eight minutes later than when they first sizzled out of their thermogenic home This electromagnetic radiation warms cool blue earth invisibly touches my skin In the chill of Cimmerian nights I wait for tender light to pierce the crepuscular twilight Underneath December’s star … More December Solstice (poem)


  Verb. Adverb. Noun. Adjective. Conjunction. This word “still”. I am here still. I am walking still. I am breathing still. I am thinking still. I am living still. Still the sun shines. Still she smiles. Be still. The leaves have fallen; still hope remains. In the still of deepest night, an owl calls across … More still


Perhaps you will be asked if you will be traveling somewhere this Christmas. Perhaps you will be asked what food item you will contribute to an annual potluck. Perhaps others are expecting you to plan an event because you always plan said event. Perhaps you will be asked if you will be coming to a … More Expectations

A Poem by Luci Shaw

    “…for who can endure the day of his coming?”  ~ Malachi 3:2   When an angel snapped the old thin threads of speech with an untimely birth announcement, slit the seemly cloth of an even more blessed event with shears of miracle, invaded the privacy of a dream, multiplied to ravage the dark silk … More A Poem by Luci Shaw

open, starry spaces

Gently the dark comes down over the wild, fair places, The whispering glens in the hills, the open, starry spaces; Rich with the gifts of the night, sated with questing and dreaming, We turn to the dearest of the paths where the star of the homelight is gleaming. -L.M. Montgomery       Thanksgiving reminds me … More open, starry spaces

hidden gem (poem)

I said to the gem surviving beneath the season’s first sheath of ice and snow, “you are my favorite” because the world walked by and did not notice you . I stopped and noticed your tenacity insistence to live and not die buried under indifference of snow and disinterested, distracted fast-walkers, fast-talkers . I will look … More hidden gem (poem)

Autumn Leaf (Poem)

Beautifully curling upward, Cupping droplets that land on its skin I take my finger, wipe the drop Leaving a skirmish behind The autumn leaf is like a heart Turned toward heaven Changing colors, singing in its death— I wonder, Leaf, how many songs have you sung? * I wrap myself in a coat of leaves … More Autumn Leaf (Poem)

senescent (poem)

Senescent (adjective) growing old; aging. Cell Biology. (of a cell) no longer capable of dividing but still alive and metabolically active. As in: trees laughing leaves, dropping down on me, floating in the wind. I catch a handful of laughter, toss it back in the air. As in: the hidden beauty in growing old, in death, revealed and … More senescent (poem)