The Day is Done (by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

The Day is Done By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow   The day is done, and the darkness             Falls from the wings of Night As a feather is wafted downward             From an eagle in his flight.   I see the lights of the village             Gleam through the rain and the mist, And a feeling … More The Day is Done (by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

Horizon (poems)

  Horizon: Drawing Lines If you draw a line there And I draw a line here What do we draw beneath and above ourselves Are we walking toward the same inimitable sunset If you put a tree there, and I put a tree here Can we rest under the same shade We see one another, … More Horizon (poems)

Presence (poem)

image source   Presence    Like snowflakes that softly fall, so is my love for you, landing gently around you, enveloping you like a cloud, a covering of white.   You will feel me, not as a coldness, as the real snow of a real winter, or like the breath of this world, with its … More Presence (poem)

Ski (poem)

Ski   I am deliberating: to ski or not to ski Lifts ensure an effortless climb up the hill Onward glide, but careful not to overdo Venturing down may require a little improv Every turn, take slow, then accelerate Yield, glissade, scatter snow in a flurry Orchestrate a rhythm, a tempo Unloose and fly – … More Ski (poem)

Snow-Fall (poem)

Snow-Fall A single snowflake Floats weightless, airy But millions of flakes falling Land heavy, bring a roof crashing down Branches bend Dip underneath heavy snow Crack and break Descend on a cold hard ground In the stillness of night, do you hear The echo piercing the silence, splitting The earth from sky? Do you seek the … More Snow-Fall (poem)

tea monsoon (poem)

rivers stream down verdant hills   sweetly spiced tears submerge millions in a tea monsoon a paradoxical wine fills the cups on a village farm road, tractor meets ox-cart, moves past women carrying woven baskets on their heads the silk sari shop shares the same doorstep as the old beggar woman in faded blue cotton … More tea monsoon (poem)

October Elegy (poem)

  October Elegy   October enters surreptitiously Calmly separates leaf from scion Trees relinquish clasp— and foliage Obeys the call—  scatters asunder Browned, crunchy, dispersed— Elegy upon the grass Rest in peace.   10/16 ©Prasanta (Acrostic poem) * * * *  

Lake Song

I discovered the lake that summer Deliberately arriving to see stars at midnight Reflecting like white diamonds In silken waters   I heard the crickets Familiar, comforting sound Lulled me to sleep as a child Like a soft, summer rain   Under lacy pines nodding in the wind Lake responded calmly to questions With answers … More Lake Song